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When October’s Autumn leaves started falling, we were more than ready to get cracking on our analysis of Amazon Sales Trends! 

October Basket Analysis  

What is our Amazon Basket Analysis? 

Just like how you can view Google Trends, Sell Beyond looks at the most searched-for items on Amazon. This shows us what consumers are looking for across Amazon Europe. This data can help you improve your listings, consider new product launches and increase profit margins. 

Take a look at our JulyAugust and September blogs to see how searches and trends perform, month to month. 

At a Glance: 
Back to Back: Europe’s most searched for items in October


October’s Basket Analysis on Amazon 

What were the most sought-after items in the UK on Amazon in October? 

Christmas decorations jumped to the top searches for the UK this month, leaping from the 14th rank to the 3rd most searched for item.   

Brits also saw increases in gadgets, with laptops, PS5s and Nintendo Switches dominating the top 10. 


Trending in the UK: Deck the halls … and the kitchen … and the living room! 

Christmas is on the horizon – or at least it is on Amazon

Christmas Decorations 

Are we surprised that shoppers began reaching even further into their piggy banks this October in preparation for Christmas? Not a chance. 

Just like September, Brits were eager to complete their nesting before Winter. Sellotaping tinsel to mantlepiece, nailing spooky skeletons to hide behind doors or getting gin to adorn the pantry, we were all about dressing things up.  

During widescale lockdown, it’s understandable why we try to grasp a sense of normalcy, ordering Halloween or Christmas decorations. By the looks of our search history we certainly did, whether we celebrated All Hallows Eve with a set of terrifyingly named napkins or grabbing some stockings to fill, fit to burst for Boxing Day (for the mantlepiece or to wear during Xmas Dinner, take your pick). 

The ‘Talking Tables Skeleton Crew’ 


Halloween Decorations  

After seeing a surge in the last week of September for Halloween decorations, the UK scrambled for décor to spook up the place in time for All Hallows Eve. 

With news being spilled early on Saturday about an imminent nationwide lockdown, the UK enjoyed one of the fewest ‘free’ public holidays Brits have had nationwide since Valentine’s day. Just like last month, the most searched for term was ‘Halloween decorations’, likely suggesting that either buyers wanted a selection of décor or were looking to be tempted by product listings. 

What were the most sought-after items in Europe on Amazon in October? 


Germany searched for the same item the most the past two months in 1st place – and it wasn’t PPE! 
Trending: Fill Your Boots, And Your Advent Calendars 


The Deutsche were the trendsetters in September, with their searches for advent calendars ranking way above their European neighbours in October. Out of their top twenty, Germany covered 4 spots with Adventskalender, including ‘advent calendar men’ (#16), and ‘advent calendar women’ (#19). With men’s advent calendars coming in at 16th place and women’s in at 16th, we could argue women are looking on Amazon more for advent calendars than their male counterparts. ‘Advent calendars to fill’ came in at 7, hearkening to Germany’s roots as the inventor of DIY calendars, ideal for personalising with mini gifts such as fruit, chocolate and figurines come December.  

Traditional Handmade Personalised Advent Calendar
A traditional, DIY advent calendar

So far, Europe is a little reluctant to jump on this bandwagon, but France and the UK have made gains on getting their advent calendars. The biggest difference is how countries differ in their searches for advent calendars; where Germany searches for DIY traditional advent calendars, Brits and the French are seeking ready-made supermarket chocolate calendars. 

The Nintendo Switch, launched in 2017

Trending: Square Eyes from Playing All Those Computer Games… 

It seems everywhere but Italy got the memo this month, with the UK, Germany, Spain and France rating ‘nintendo switch’ among their top 20 search items. This gadget has been hot ever since its release in 2017, with Amazon shoppers all over Europe desperate to find a bargain on this console online.  

It’s likely a lot of people searching for this are on the lookout for Switch accessories and games, but a large portion of these searches will be from gamers looking to find the console.  

The constant searching for the Nintendo Switch is partly down to a surge in sales since the world came to a standstill. The Switch saw people buy this console rather than purchase current competition like Xbox One and the PS4, which are soon to be replaced this year. By the looks of things on Amazon, gamers can delight as there are multiple highly rated listings for Nintendo Switches on the searches – just in time for Christmas. 

From ES to EN ‘my boyfriend bought me this reversible baby octopus so I could express how I feel’. Screenshot of TikTok ES

Trending: Reversible Octopus  

The ‘reversible octopus’ was the 11th most searched for item on Amazon ES, which we found out stemmed from a viral TikTok video. Spain’s version of the social media giant has heaps of content about these colourful octopi, which is multi-coloured (one side happy and pink, one side blue and doleful). 

We looked to see if this trend spread out to other parts of the EU, but so far this search term is ranking very poorly in other countries. It’s interesting to note that unlike many of the search terms we look for – such as ‘Bluetooth headphones’ – ‘reversible octopus’ is an uncommon search term, giving a strong indication of upcoming trends, with ‘reversible octopus plush’ ranking at #5,207 and ‘octopus reversible plushie’ at #5,448 in the UK, with ‘octopus reversible’ at #885 in France. 

Screengrab from an Amazon product listing with the original ‘reversible octopus’.

TikTok-driven listings like this are already ranking high on. A great example of Amazon sellers using every element of marketing available and a lesson for all you Seller Central businesses out there. 

Apachie Urban M4 Electric Scooter
Electric scooters always seem to rank on Amazon in European countries…

Honourable Mention: Old Faithful Electric Scooters 

This is probably the last time we mention our favourite mode of transport on the continent, the electric scooter. Or at least, we hope so, seeing as Winter is coming – let’s all avoid the black ice and see 2021 together. 

A person posing for the camera

Description automatically generated
Facemasks have been the most popular item searched for on Amazon

Honourable Mention: Facemasks 

It wouldn’t be a true basket analysis of 2020 if we didn’t discuss the facemasks that dominated most of the searches. In October’s top 10 across the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, 18 out of 50 searches were a variation of face coverings


Pie chart of the top 50 Amazon searches

September’s total for this was 17, with July at a whopping 21/50 searches. It’s likely incumbent lockdowns across Europe are to account for this. 

With France entering a lockdown at the end of October, precautionary measures were likely taken leading up to this, with 7 out of ten search terms being a variation of ‘facemask’.  


So… how did we do with our predictions? 

Did our predictions match the results for September? 


We were right – Brits gathered decorations for the upcoming holidays, but we may have been a little too eager to see the presents flying off the virtual shelves. We give it a month…  

What do we expect for November? 

Just like September and October, we expect to see a steady flow of Christmas decorations, classic Christmas items such as watches and cosmetic gift sets. For children’s Christmas gifts, we envisage lots of Lego – the one constant toy we see searched for on Amazon across Europe! 

Having spotted our first influencer-inspired Amazon trend this year, we can see how promising social media influencing may be in the future to Amazon. In November, December and into 2021, we expect to see this reversible octopus take off, albeit slowly. 

Finally, after this long year, we imagine we will spot a lot of baskets clinking with bottles of spirits, wine and eggnog as people stock up for Christmas. 


What does all this data mean? 

Having data is like discovering your business’ secret weapon. With analysis like this means you can track, test and measure your Amazon to maximise success.  

If you’re unsure how to take your Amazon to the next level, you need to speak to someone who knows their stuff. Schedule a meeting with our CEO, Heloise Finch on 07528 112624 or email carly@sell-beyond.com to arrange an appointment.