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Is your team spending too much time on Amazon? Increasing your advertising budget, adding products, selling in more countries … just doing more of everything with disappointing results? 

While you can focus on making your business bigger, Amazon will reward you — and you will grow — by building a better Amazon business.

Here at Sell Beyond we offer a complete solution to driving profitable growth on Amazon through business, team and Amazon knowledge.

Amazon growth strategy

Do you want a better Amazon business?

We’re the Amazon consultants to help you do it

Could you build your team’s capacity on Amazon?

Is your team overwhelmed by working on Amazon?

Are they firefighting, or growing the business?

In our experience, focusing on the right activity – rather than just doing more – will help you grow a profitable Amazon business.

Instead of running more Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements, adding more products or entering more Amazon marketplaces, at Sell Beyond we believe you just need to focus on 5 areas: Amazon, strategy, commercial, creative, operations and analytics. 

We are laser-focused on making sure that Amazon is working for your business and we guarantee you and your team will save time, grow more efficiently and get a tangible return on your investment when you work with Sell Beyond.

Is Amazon working for your business?


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We’re not just another marketing agency

 We’re more than a management consultancy

Sell Beyond is a complete solution to driving
profitable growth on Amazon

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The Sell Beyond Team

Heloise Finch

Heloise Finch


Heloise Finch is Founder of Sell Beyond, which offers a complete solution to driving profitable growth on Amazon - business, team and Seller/Vendor Central. Her expertise with Amazon builds on 15 years’ financial consulting and marketing experience, combined with a PhD in organizational behaviour from the University of Michigan. Heloise has lived in the UK, USA, France, Reunion Island, Spain and South Africa.

Stephane Boyer

Stephane Boyer

Joint Founder

Stephane is trilingual in French, English and Creole. He grew up in Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean (the only part of France which is in the Southern Hemisphere) and has always worked in sectors which combine creativity and technical excellence – before working in SEO marketing, Stephane was previously a live music lighting designer in Reunion Island. He's passionate about music and surfing.


Geraldine Wiangke

Geraldine Wiangke

Operations Manager

Geraldine is bilingual in French and English. She is a French native, has studied Tourism and travelled around America prior to settling in the UK where she has now been half her life! She has used languages throughout her career in hospitality and Transport & Logistics. She loves fitness, food and being outdoors.


Keeley Middleton

Keeley Middleton

Chief Copywriter

Keeley grew up in Nottinghamshire where prodding language with a stick always sparked joy. After completing her BA in Creative Writing and Literature at Anglia Ruskin University, Keeley then completed an MA in Poetry at UEA in Norwich where she currently lives. Keeley never sticks to what she says she likes in bios but she will always like books.  

Carly Plumridge

Carly Plumridge

Personal Assistant

Carly grew up in Colchester, Essex and has always lived in the area. She is Personal Assistant to Heloise Finch and previously worked as a Dental Nurse - she is as good at filling diaries as she is at filling gaps in teeth! Carly thrives on being organised and helping others and has been the hand to hold for many in a dental chair. More recently she ran her own business around her children. Carly enjoys long walks with her family in the woods or by the sea and is very focused on fitness.

Tamara Benassi

Tamara Benassi

Amazon SEO Specialist & Translator

Tamara speaks Italian (her first language) and English. She has a MA in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology from the University of Bologna. She has been living in the UK for 8 years and she has been teaching Italian to foreigners since then. She loves it!




Frauke Klumpp

Frauke Klumpp

Amazon SEO Specialist & Translator

Frauke is from Sasbach in Baden-Württemberg, Germany and speaks German (her first language) and English. She has an MA in Translation, Interpreting and Subtitling from the University of Essex in the UK, and a BA in history from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany. She has lived in Germany, the USA and the UK and loves to read, meet her friends and do lace tatting in her free time!

Zahra Santos

Zahra Santos

Amazon SEO Specialist & Translator

Zahra grew up between Spain and the UK. She holds a BA in Translation and Interpreting in Japanese and Spanish from UEA in Norwich. After spending a year living and studying in Yokohama, Japan, she went on to complete an MA in Translation, Interpreting and Subtitling at UEA. Zahra loves languages and has previously studied German, French, Arabic, Latin and Ancient Greek. She is a self-proclaimed foodie, enjoys keeping active and is obsessed with cooking shows.

Tilly de Willebois

Tilly de Willebois

Amazon SEO Specialist & Translator

Tilly is from Utrecht in the Netherlands and is a lifelong linguist. At high school she studied languages (including Ancient Greek). After completing a BA in Old Master painting techniques and Fine art painting in Florence, Tilly worked as a painter, translator and instructor at a high-end residential cookery school in Tuscany. Subsequently, Tilly moved to the UK where she works with English, Dutch and Italian languages.

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We came to Sell Beyond before we launched for translation and content creation for our Amazon listings. 

I’m so glad that we did. The Sell Beyond team spent time learning about our brand and target customers, then created optimum best practice listings in English. They’re a very nice team with great communication.  

No More Mr Nice Guy 

5th Season logo

The copy team at Sell Beyond has been amazing to work with.  

They instantly understood the tone of voice we were trying to achieve with the brand and created amazing content.

Stuart Prescott, Co-founder of 5th Season

The best translation company I’ve used

Jono Beardsmore, E-commerce Manager at Greenover Sports

Easy to work with, meet or exceed deadlines and produce high quality translations

The Sell Beyond team are easy to work with, meet or exceed deadlines and produce high quality translations, fully optimised for Amazon – what more could we want?!  I am sure it gives us an edge on our competitors. Thanks guys 😊

Josh Piercy, E-Commerce Manager This Is It Stores

I am happy to have found SellBeyond

Ida Hemmingson-Holl, CEO Planet Plant-Based

SellBeyond grew our French sales on Amazon up to four times!

Arteza Art Supplies, Amazon UK and France

Amazon, Translation, Listing, PPC, SEO, A9 algorithm, ecommerce, FBA

Sellbeyond understands Amazon keywords and knows how to incorporate them

Arnas Slenys, Elixirvit Curcuma, Amazon UK and France

skate, germany, pro, deustshland, marketing, ppc, amazon, seo

Committed and dedicated

Gregor Harms, Ecommerce Manager, Skatepro.de

Amazon, Translation, Listing, PPC, SEO, A9 algorithm, ecommerce, FBA, genemis, canada

Working with SellBeyond has been a breeze from the get go. They create and optimize product listings and PPC keywords for our Amazon EU markets, and help us understand our product positioning against our competitors in Europe. SellBeyond really understand the need for efficient communication and flexibility when dealing with small businesses and startups.

George Botos, CEO Genemis Labs, Canada

memory box, translation, sell beyond

SellBeyond have a way of looking at all the information Amazon generates and drawing out the key stuff that I really need to know. Their communication has been great – I felt they took the time to get to know my business and to listen to my needs. As a result, their recommendations have been spot on.

Elie Touitou, CEO, Memory Box

My company used Sell Beyond to help with back-end keywords and campaign optimisation on Amazon. Heloise was very prompt and great at sticking to deadlines, moreover we saw an increase in sales as a direct result of SB’s efforts. Would highly recommend for both new and existing sellers looking to grow their listings.

Will Wilkinson, CEO, Overhang

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