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European Amazon shoppers this July were hot on June’s trends, with some interesting changes! UK shoppers were mad on masks, the Italians still searching for electric scooters, and just why is everyone looking for Bluetooth headphones in July?

What is our Amazon Basket Analysis?

Basket analysis is a great way of looking at the top items people search for on Amazon and importantly, what words they are using to find that specific product. This data can help you improve your listings, consider new product launches and help you increase your profit margins.

July has been an interesting month for the e-commerce titan. We took a look at the top most-searched terms on Amazon for the top European economies.

Take a look at our May and June blogs to see how searches performed in previous months.


At a Glance:

Back to Back: The UK’s most searched for items in June and July



At a Glance:

Back to Back: Europe’s most searched for items in July




July’s Basket Analysis on Amazon

What were the most sought-after items in the UK on Amazon in July?

90% of the top listings searched for in the UK were masks!

To no-one’s surprise, personal protective equipment (PPE), most specifically face masks or face/mouth coverings swept each countries’ search listings. Of the ten top searches for five countries, masks accounted for 21 out of the 50 listings or 42%, with 9 searches coming from the UK’s top ten!

Undoubtedly, the new rules that came into play in mid-July requiring face masks when shopping played a big role in the surge for masks, even though masks have been constantly in the top 10 during the pandemic.

Since the government guidelines came in place there aren’t many places to buy one of these in person- it seems Amazon has really helped the UK out this month.


Trending in the UK: Decadent Treats

Something to take the edge off

Did July tip us over the edge a little? Perhaps the hotter summer days pushed Brits away from chocolate and make a beeline for juniper libations. Gin is now up to the 17th spot on Amazon searches!

As Amazon launches its own-brand gin, this can only mean good things for the UK side of the e-commerce site. Gin is one of the quintessential drinks for British garden drinkers when it comes to Summer.

In previous basket analyses, the UK has bucked the food trend in Europe on Amazon, being the only country ordering food in droves on the platform. ‘Chocolate’ was in the top 15 for UK Amazon search terms in June and in July, with ‘sweets’ also ranking in at 26th.


What were the most sought-after items in Europe on Amazon in July?

Trending: (Home)schooling is out for the Summer

In a world of pure imagination… unless you speak a Romance language!

The Danish toy brand Lego seemed to be a staple search for a few countries.

With German and UK schools breaking up for the Summer officially in July it’s interesting to see Lego making it high into their Amazon searches; (ranking 7th and 11th place respectively). Spain’s and Italy’s schools broke up mid-June, while France’s broke up at the beginning of July. Perhaps these countries are already done with playing with building blocks!

Lego has become synonymous for building blocks, so it can be hard to be completely certain whether Amazon shoppers are looking for the brand Lego or building blocks, but they’ve likely searched for the brand – Much like last month’s discussion on Birkenstocks.

Whether the UK and Germany bought Lego to treat the little ones for working hard during home-schooling or to distract while they score a gin in the sun remains to be seen!

Trending: Weather-Friendly Clothing

From summer dresses to bikinis… the washing pile is shrinking!

Last month we saw a large number of searches for summer dresses and sandals, with France, Germany and Italy looking for these all-important summertime staples. Since then we’ve seen very few, if any, menswear searches on the top 20.

It seems that ladies this Summer seem to be dominating the internet in their search for weather-appropriate clothing. Hey, it makes sense, right? Women’s clothing – fit, texture, material and colour – varies broadly from season to season.

As the continent reaches its peak heat in August, shoppers are racing to buy swimming costumes in the hopes of making it to the beaches this summer. If not, judging by the number of swimming pools they bought last month, they’ll at least be able to make the most of their new bikini!


Trending: Face Masks

Woman in white face mask

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the continent’s exhaustive search for face masks. Written and searched for in multiple ways, the manner in which we searched for face masks throughout Europe spoke volumes about each countries’ different concerns and needs.

The UK expressed their desire to have masks made in the United Kingdom after searching for ‘face masks washable UK’ and ‘face masks washable UK filter’ (2nd and 10th most searched for), signalling uncertainty about ordering products from abroad.

Italy didn’t have any searches for masks in its top 10 searches, but in 12th place came the search for ‘surgical masks’ and 13th place was ‘masks’, suggesting that Italians either have their PPE already or do not need it.

Germany, France and Spain searched similarly for face masks. French shoppers regularly typed ‘cloth’ in their mask searches, suggesting they want washable masks they can reuse and that they consider the material first. Spain opted for typing ‘reusable’ and ‘removable’, suggesting perhaps an awareness on the monetary and ecological impact when buying disposable masks.

Germany had only one mask search term in their top 10. Perhaps Germany is simply staying in to avoid buying any! If their interest in gadgets over the past two months are anything to go by, the Deutsche won’t need any Bluetooth earphones any time soon… maybe just some headache tablets.

So… how did we do with our predictions?

Did our predictions match the results for July?

Not quite. Our predictions were a little optimistic with the uncertainty regarding air travel and holidaying within home countries at the moment.

What do we expect for August?

We expect to see a similar result with search results for gin, with potentially some searches for specific brands or flavours of gin, perhaps even a few more alcoholic drinks as Summer reaches its peak… but no promises this time!

For more information about basket analysis or how to perfect your Amazon account so each of your customers’ trolleys are overflowing with your products, take a look at our YouTube channel for useful tips and tricks.