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Sell Beyond spots the Amazon trends in the run-up to Christmas! 

November Basket Analysis   

What is our Amazon Basket Analysis?  

In the same way that Google Trends tells us about what people are searching for online, Sell Beyond looks at the most searched items on Amazon. This shows us what products are popular with consumers across Europe. This data can help brands consider new product development opportunities and increase profit margins.  

Take a look at our August, September and October blogs to see how searches and trends perform, month to month.  

At a Glance:Europe’s most searched for items in November 

November’s Basket Analysis on Amazon  

What were the most sought-after items in the UK on Amazon in November?  

Brits searches on Amazon were uniform this month, with a surge of searches for the PS5. 

When the PlayStation 5 launched in mid-November, Brits took to Amazon to purchase this gaming console and ‘Playstation’ took over two of the top five search positions in the UK. 

Just like last month, Amazon saw a big portion of searches going to tech, gadgets and video gaming, likely increased by Christmas getting closer and closer! 

What were the most sought-after items in Europe on Amazon in November? 

Amazon Basket Analysis – November 2020 

Ted from Surrey went a bit overboard with the festive window decals this year… 

Trending: Festive Cheer 

Showing the Christmas spirit is a priority for Europeans: 8 out of 50 top searches on Amazon in Europe being for ‘christmas decorations’. The UK stands out in the drive to put  Christmas on display: fully half all searches coming from the Brits. ‘Christmas decorations’ ranked 2nd in the UK as well as 4th in France and Germany. 

‘Outdoor christmas lights’ ranked 9th in the UK’s Amazon searches. With more Christmas street decoration competitions than you could shake a glass of eggnog at, the UK tend to have a more enthusiastic stance to waterproof fairy lights than their European counterparts. 

Across Europe, ‘Christmas trees’ was the decoration in demand, with the UK and Spain opting to find a decent tree to put the presents under. The most clicked ASIN was this 6ft artificial Christmas tree – likely because the product image looks so beautiful compared to its gaudy or bare competitors. 

Germans have an affinity for ‘fill yourself’ advent calendars 

Advent Calendars: Why you need to check your Amazon Keywords and Keyword translations

The difference of placements for ‘advent calendar’ and ‘advent calendar 2020’ speaks volumes. 

Christmas isn’t Christmas without an advent calendar, and we’ve seen shoppers rush to Amazon for ways to count the days to the 25th December. We took a look across the four weeks of November to see this trend rise and fall across Europe. 

Searches for ‘advent calendar’ and ‘advent calendar 2020’ across Europe  

Keyword analysis for ‘advent calendar’ – November 2020 
Keyword analysis for ‘advent calendar 2020’ – November 2020 

Germany was looking for advent calendars to fill with small gifts and treats while the Spaniards weren’t bothered. The French added brand names alongside their search such as ‘advent calendar lego’ or ‘advent calendar harry potter’.  

The Brits chose these two terms to search for calendars, whereas the Deutsche opted for ‘adventskalender zum befüllen’ (advent calendars to fill) as their longtail search term. The UK was also the only place that prioritised the date of the advent calendar over the general search term. 

The difference in popularity for these search terms across Europe stresses the importance of checking your keywords translations and how much keyword searches vary from country to country.  

PS5 stock: latest updates on where to buy the PlayStation 5 • Eurogamer.net
Gadgets are on everyone’s wishlist this year! 

Trending: Sony in Vogue 

It’s no surprise that from the moment Sony launched the Playstation 5 (PS5), Amazon exploded with searches for it. We spotted searches before 12th November – the day of release – but when launch day rolled around, Brits flocked to Amazon in droves for PS5 consoles, chargers, games and headsets. 

24% of the top 10 Amazon searches across Europe were for the PS5. As the hype for the 5th PlayStation reaches fever pitch in the run-up to Christmas, we spotted some searches for its predecessor, the PS4. This rise in PS4 searches was likely by cost-conscious gamers or for shoppers who buy the older model once the newer console comes out – a common buying tactic for video game consoles. 

With games consoles being notoriously expensive and only depreciate once the brand or a competitor launches another console, we expect to see PS4s also end up in the top 100 search terms across Europe over December. 

Harmony and Amazon Alexa
Alexa and her minions 

Trending: Voice-Activated Robots 

We saw a rise in ‘alexa’ searches on Amazon in November, securing a spot in the top 10 in three of our countries, hitting 9th in Italy, 9th in Germany and 6th in Spain. 

Searching for Alexa on Amazon makes sense – the e-commerce giant launched its virtual assistant in 2014 and since has been the face of voice-activated AI. Interestingly, shoppers chose to search for the brainchild of Bezos on Amazon, rather than searching for its equally popular competitor, the Google Home Hub.  

Trending: Cuddly Cephalopods à la Tik Tok 

A screenshot of a post from Facebook UK where last month’s Spanish TikTok trend spread to English speaking countries. 

Last month in our October Basket Analysis, we stumbled across a viral TikTok trend gone rogue, with ‘pulpito reversible’ hitting the top 11 on Amazon Spain. But this month, we spotted this trend appear on Facebook UK. We predicted last month this trend would be slow, but already we’ve started to see the trend grow organically. 

Although the animal plushie hasn’t yet hit Amazon UK’s top 100, the trend should start to pick up now it’s viral on English speaking social media. Looking at the rankings from month to month, its highest two searches ‘reversible octopus plush’ and ‘octopus reversible plushie’ ranked at #5,207 and #5,448 respectively last month in the UK. In November, the rankings for those search terms have gone up to #2782 and #3622.  

Spain’s search for ‘pulpito reversible’ came in at #249, up 740 spaces from October. We’re sure to see this fad hit 2021 across e-commerce and social media. 

How did Black Friday affect Amazon this year? 

Black Friday historically has been a day to mark on your calendar due to supercharged discounts. With fewer people cramming into stores due to lockdowns, the emphasis is less on the high street and more on checking out e-com deals from home. 

Factoring in the recent liquidation of Arcadia group and Debenhams potentially set to close, the High Street has been handed its hat. With a two-pronged attack from e-commerce and multiple lockdowns, the once-giants of retail have paved the way for online stores to dominate sales.  

The majority of searches for our Basket Analysis were slightly skewed due to people looking for discounts in Week 4 of November due to Black Friday. Shoppers in France also searched more generally, looking to grab bargains by searching for ‘black friday 2020’ this year. 

What do we expect for December?  

Christmas searches will reach fever pitch as we see shoppers across Europe get their last-minute stocking fillers in. Amazon searches will be packed with typical Christmas presents like ‘gin’, ‘body wash gift set’, ‘whiskey’ and ‘makeup sets’ filling up the top 100. 

Our most expected category of items? Gadgets/ technology 

Our most searched-for Christmas gift this year? PlayStation 5 

We should keep an eye on reversible plushies – we imagine a lot of ladies will be unwrapping these on Christmas Day. 

What does all this data mean?  

Having data is like discovering your business’ secret weapon. With information like this, it means you can track, test and measure your Amazon to maximise success.   

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