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Meet the Team: Sell Beyond’s One and Only Geraldine

Who is Geraldine?

Geraldine is our secret weapon. A French native, Geraldine studied Tourism and travelled around America prior to settling in the UK where she has now been half her life! She has used languages throughout her career in hospitality and Transport & Logistics. She loves fitness, food and being outdoors.

Amazon marketing agencies may have a great team, but they don’t have a Geraldine.

Geraldine is Sell Beyond’s secret weapon, but her real title is Operations Manager.

Where many companies may outsource their translation to freelancers with little to no working knowledge of Amazon, Geraldine is an expert in how the e-commerce giant operates and reads 5 – that’s right, FIVE – languages.

What does Geraldine do as an Operations Manager at Sell Beyond?

With a background of hospitality, Geraldine knows how to extract the information needed from clients while managing a number of projects at any given time. Our Ops Manager liaises with clients for branding, image assets, arranging deadlines and provides structured processes. Most importantly, Geraldine knows how to wrangle the creative team!

Geraldine also oversees our highly skilled in-house team of trained Amazon translators and proof-readers who are native speakers. She ensures each listing is airtight across multiple languages. That’s why we can guarantee our French Amazon listings will be as good as our German or Spanish ones, every time.

Sell Beyond enables exponential growth for clients on Amazon in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. We believe it’s more than safe to say Geraldine runs circles around your everyday operations manager. 

The Importance of Translation on Amazon
We know what you’re thinking, what makes a good translation for Amazon?

We say who cares about language if it doesn’t sell! Most freelancers may give you nice words, but risk overlooking the nuances of shopping habits or omit to include Amazon customer reviews (here’s how to check on their work).

They can’t guarantee consistency across languages and will never check if your sales increased. At Sell Beyond we will call 30 days after the translation is completed to review how sales and conversions have improved.

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