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European Amazon Shoppers Were Interested in Two Things This June – Protection and Summer Fun

After taking a closer look at the trends, patterns and anomalies of Europe’s purchases and keyword searches for last month, we looked at the Amazon baskets for June. Take a look at what the UK was searching for on Amazon in May and June.

Back to Back: The UK’s most searched for items in May and June

What were the most sought-after items in Europe on Amazon in June?

Fans are a new favourite for Europe as well as women’s fashion and footwear, but swimming pools and face masks still reign supreme. 

Protection and summer fun is the name of the game this month in e-commerce in the UK, with protection not just for coronavirus, but for the sun as well as the weather continues to improve.

We found some trends have peaked quickly since our basket analysis for May – men’s hair clippers and similar grooming items have fallen off the top searched list, to be replaced with cooling fans, garden furniture sets and women’s summer wear. By the looks of it, women have been scrolling through Amazon a lot in June, with searches all across Europe for dresses and sandals.

Some trends were persistent: some of May’s most searched items continued into June, such as PPE facemasks, swimming pools and sun loungers. But already the needs and demands of the Amazon shoppers have changed as Summer holds Europe in her hot grasp.

June’s Basket Analysis on Amazon

Trending: Fun in the Sun with Ways to Cool Down

Garden Furniture

Brits have been looking for pools, garden furniture sets, sun loungers and gazebos.
In the top 15 Amazon searches this month, summer garden furniture and equipment have dominated our shopping baskets with 40% of UK top searches being for these summer must-haves.

The UK is ordering garden furniture in droves now friends and families are finally able to visit one another’s homes and gardens.

Spain has a record 4 swimming pool related search terms featured in the top 10. Spaniards must be feeling the heat and missing the ocean! The Spanish are looking for outdoor pools too, though. The most searched pool term was piscine removible (paddling pools), so Spain is certainly looking for a short-term solution to the heat!

The second most searched item in France was piscine (swimming pools). Ranked in at top 4 is the piscine tubulaire (inflatableJust like the UK, France’s love for garden pools ranks at number 2.

By August, we might have a full garden water park! All we’re missing now is a slip ‘n’ slide doused in far too much washing up liquid.

Indoor Fans

We Brits are big fans of fans.

Some of the hottest days were recorded in late June, explaining why 30% of the top 20 searches on Amazon UK were for fans: ‘desk fans’, ‘standing fans’, ‘tower fans’ and ‘fans for home’ included.

The UK differs when it comes to the rest of the continent; for the most part, the country is not airconditioned. Being a country of radiator lovers, our tiny island is more occupied with the cold winters. Brits have an obsession with ordering cost-efficient fans every summer like clockwork!

In France, the number one Amazon search for June was ventilateur (fans) and silent fans also made the top 10 for France. Looking for a cooling and quiet fan can be tricky and so French shoppers have used keywords such as silencieux to narrow down their search for the perfect fan.

Fans made the top 5 in every country we analysed except Germany- with the Germans opting to search for air conditioning instead.


Trending: Functional Summer Fashion  


France had a rise in people searching for robes de soleil (sundresses). As people venture further from their gardens for fun, French ladies are looking for convenient clothing that will deliver in time to catch some rays!

Similar to L’Hexagone, Germany has been searching for sundresses. German shoppers are also interested in summer dresses to wear in the warm weather rather than high-end materials or recognisable brands.

Fashion sold on Amazon speaks a lot to convenience shoppers who, unlike those who have been shopping online with their favourite brands, wish to get an item of clothing off a website they trust and also has their banking details saved. How annoying is it when you have to root out your credit card to buy one item on a new website?

Sandals and Birkenstocks 

Just like their European cousins in Germany, Italian ladies spent a lot of their time in June searching for sandals, featuring twice in their top 20. Italians searched for sandals by typing sandali and Birkenstock, the premium German footwear brand on Amazon.

Amazon’s search algorithm will show you similar sandals when you search for Birkenstocks. The popularity of the German footwear brand means even a fashion-forward country such as Italy is searching for original Birkenstocks!

Germans were also intent on finding some Birkenstocks for women. Paired with their interest in sundresses, it looks like ladies are planning a whole new wardrobe as they head out to shop, go for a trip to the beach or pop out in the evening to enjoy all the Summer has to offer. Smoked cheese and a refreshing Riesling, anyone?

After looking at the baskets of Italy and Germany who were searching for Birkenstocks, it’s interesting to see the Spanish do not have Birkenstocks in their top 10 searched items on Amazon. Spain searched for women’s sandals, ranking at the 13th most typed search term. Maybe the women of Spain prefer function over brand loyalty?


Trending: Hard-to-find Gadgets and Tech

Just like last month, Germany is on the lookout for anything Nintendo Switch! Gadgets such as Nintendo’s most sold console have been scarce during lockdown, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped the Deutsche searching for it on Amazon. As a game console that appeals to both adults and children, this popular item has kept boredom at bay for a lot of video game lovers during the worldwide lockdown.

Mixing gadgets with their penchant for swimming, Italy looked for orologio intelligente (smartwatches), cuffie Bluetooth (Bluetooth headphones) and scooter elettrici (electric scooters). The adrenaline chasing has not abated with electric scooters still high in Italians’ searches on Amazon in June, just like May. We wouldn’t expect anything else from the home of the Vespa!

What do we predict for July in E-commerce?

With Summer and lockdown coinciding before the heat peaks in Europe, a lot of people will be hitting the proverbial shelves to buy recreational items to make use of the lovely weather.

Prediction: Whether the weather stays sunny or not, Brits will make the most of their summer!

As we clamber to get out and experience what we’ve missed out on for months, we will be looking towards the UK and Europe to make last-minute holiday purchases in July and August.

More holidaying items will be purchased for travelling abroad such as passport holders, adapter plugs and neck pillows as airports start to open, although this could be a short-lived trend if travel restrictions are reinstated worldwide.

What we will see is an even larger rise in online purchases for camping as people choose to holiday in the UK to save money and to avoid travel restrictions as well as worries about catching coronavirus abroad.

Prediction: E-Commerce will have new converts due to a lack of in-person shopping

With the retail industry in different stages of ‘open’ around Europe, many shoppers will be resorting to e-commerce to fill in the gaps lockdown has left on the high street.

What can be certain is may traditional in-person shoppers will have been converted to the ease, speed and transparency that e-commerce provides.

For more information about basket analysis or how to perfect your Amazon account so each of your customers’ trolleys are overflowing with your products, take a look at our YouTube channel for useful tips and tricks.