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December Basket Analysis  

Amazon consultants Sell Beyond spotted Amazon trends during the festive month! 

What is our Amazon Basket Analysis?  

In the same way that Google Trends tells us what people are searching for online, Sell Beyond looks at the most searched items on Amazon. We use the Brand Analytics tab in Seller Central and some good old internet sleuthing to see where these trends have come from. 

This shows us the type of products that are popular with consumers across Europe. Data like this helps brands improve listing optimisation, consider new product development opportunities and increase profit margins.  

Take a look at our SeptemberOctober and November blogs to see how searches and trends perform from month to month.  

At a Glance:Europe’s most searched for items in December 

December’s Basket Analysis on Amazon  

Trending: One Console to Rule Them All 

The much-awaited PS5 has been a top Amazon search term even before its November launch, but across Europe in December we began to quickly see stores struggle to keep up with demand for the PlayStation 5. Even pre-orders across big stores like Argos, Game and Amazon left customers empty-handed. Turns out the whole of Europe searched for PS5s like they were going out of fashion – everyone was hell-bent on grabbing a games console for their loved ones this Christmas. 

But why was everywhere running out of PlayStation 5’s? With the world eager to jump on the latest console, many ‘scalpers’ bought these consoles and re-sold them for a profit, selling them for as much as $10,000 on eBay (some hurt gamers even posted written notes as listings to express their disgust at price gougers). 

PS5 stock: latest updates on where to buy the PlayStation 5 • Eurogamer.net
The sleek PS5 console knocked the Xbox One out of top Amazon searches 

It’s likely that the high frequency of this search on Amazon over December was for gamers eagerly checking in each day to see if the PS5 console listing on Amazon showed any stock! 

What people searched on Amazon in December –

UK and Europe 

Amazon Basket Analysis – December 2020 

Christmas lights brightened up all of Europe this Christmas 

Trending: Deck the Hall with Lots of Presents! 

Christmas conquered all of December on Amazon, with 20% of every top 10 search term throughout December containing ‘Christmas’ or ‘gift’ across Europe.  

Brits continued to spend December searching for last minute Christmas ornaments and gifts, with 60% of their top search terms featuring a variation on ‘Christmas’ or ‘gift’.  

Amazon product trends go quickly in basket analysis – especially at Christmas

Who knew that plastic Christmas trees could be so different? 

Italians looked for a more traditional plastic tree with a festive bottom section to cover unsightly plastic legs or wires. 

Spaniards searched for a more modern Christmas tree in white sparkly plastic.

The rest of Europe were looking for smaller purchases: with France’s candy red door decals looking ideal for a family home at Christmas.  

In Germany, some faceless gnomes caused quite the stir in Germany, to brighten up a table or mantelpiece.  

The UK opted for a wooden door hanging Christmas decoration in plain grey and with whimsical Christmas messages to brighten the mood. 

Now Christmas is out of the way, we expect the only Christmas decorations we find in next month’s basket analysis will be from clearance sales, sellers’ last-ditch effort in January to clear as much Xmas stock as possible. 

The board games come out in chilly weather and this year has been no exception 

Trending: Fancy a game? 

Italy and Spain both ranked board games in their top 10 over December, with France, UK and Germany rating these in their top 100 searches (#46, #31 and #72 respectively).  

Partly due to the lockdown protocol across parts of Europe over Christmas, board games were purchased to fill in those free moments to entertain the family. Board games certainly have a way of bringing together family and friends over the festive period – and are almost as efficient at causing an argument! 

Passa la Bomba was Italy’s most clicked on table game, with Guatafac’s Unos Vicios being Spain’s top pick.

Non-traditional board games are now the name of the day in Spain and Italy but Hasbro classics Monopoly and Cluedo is clinging on to the UK’s top searches, with these two landing in the top 10 most clicked ASINS among newer games. 

From angry to happy in seconds, this plushie teddy has been all over Spain’s social media 

Trending: Peluche de Pulpo Reversible 

When Sell Beyond spotted a trend growing in the wild, we weren’t sure what to expect. After spotting this rank 11th in our ES October Basket Analysis after a Spanish TikTok video gone viral, we had hoped to see our little octopus swim over to the UK and to the rest of Europe! While we have been a little slow to catch on, it has been interesting spotting the steady progress it has been making. Reaching 3rd on Amazon ES, this emotional plushie has been making waves with the Spaniards. 

The smaller the bar, the more popular the search term: December 2020 keyword analysis 

One interesting find we had was the languages in which people were searching. England searched only in English and Germany searched only in Deutsche. However, the rest of the countries including the originator of the trend, Spain, searched for this trend in English as well as their native language. With English as the unchallenged lingua franca of Europe, this makes sense to some extent, but it’s surprising to see this Spanish trend ranking 3rd in Spain in English rather than Español.  

Initially we assessed the trend would jump to other countries rather quickly with the frequency of English keyword searches across the European countries. Perhaps viral videos that don’t use the lingua franca aren’t as quick on the uptake or are lost in translation? 

What do we expect for January on Amazon across Europe?  

Although it is assumed that after Christmas shoppers close their purses in January, more and more on e-commerce this is not the case – with the internet right at our fingertips and deliveries to our doors the greatest invention of the modern age, we don’t expect the first month of 2021 to be a quiet month on Amazon. 

We will see a clearance of festive decorations before they turn into stock deadweight until Autumn 2021: Christmas décor will plummet in price in the hopes of tempting a bargain buyer looking ahead to next Christmas. 

Dry January may have been cut short for some Brits after an announced 3rd nationwide lockdown, so we expect to see searches for Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon Gin, the UK’s longstanding favourite gin to search for on Amazon. 

December was the first month since lockdowns were announced this year that no variations of ‘face mask’ landed in the top 10 of any country. Now the flurry for finding the perfect gift for loved ones is over, we anticipate this now-staple of our lives to return to our Amazon searches with gusto. 

What does all this data mean?  

Having information on customer habits is like discovering your business’ secret weapon. With this type of data, it means you can track, test and measure your Amazon to maximise success.   

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