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We buy based on what we see.

With over 25% of Amazon shoppers buying on their phone, you will need great photos to get customers hooked on browsing the rest of your listing.

At Sell Beyond, we often find that businesses selling on Amazon have low-quality images that don’t show the features or put across the key benefits of their awesome products. 

Find out how to make sure your customers understand everything they need to know about your brand and product below! 

Product Images on Amazon: The Basics

Amazon is a unique e-commerce platform with specific image conventions. Never underestimate the importance of having Amazon-ready images to sell more by creating trust and brand awareness.  Ensure each of your seven product images must hit a different pain point. 

These assets need the correct style, concept, dimensions, sizing and formatting for Amazon. 

Don’t let your competitors win sales just because they had a better photo! 

  • How many product images can I use in an Amazon product listing? You can put up to 7 images onto your listing, with 1 being the minimum. 
  •  What shape should my Amazon product images be? Product images shot on a white background should be square* 
  •  What size or dimensions should my images be on my Amazon listing? At least 2000 x 2000px – this enables the site’s zoom-in feature when you hover over an image 
  •  What is the maximum file size limit Amazon will allow for a single image on Seller Central? 10MB 
  • What image file types are compatible with Amazon? You can use .JPEG, .TIFF, or .GIF files, but .JPEG is Amazon’s preferred type. 

*However, when it comes to your product’s lifestyle images it’s important to have a mixture of landscape and portrait, especially if you have Brand Registry and intend to create strong A+ Content. 

Product images should be 2000x2000px to enable the zoom feature on the Amazon product page 

To appeal to customers, you need visuals including product images, infographics and lifestyle photography. As there are only seven image slots available to showcase your product and brand per product page, you need to pick 7 images that cover all your main selling points. The main product image – the ‘hero image’ – is essential and has to be the default thumbnail. 

1. The Main Product Image 

The main product image is the product photo that shoppers will see when browsing through Amazon search pages.  You can’t just put any image on Amazon: 

  • Products must be on a plain white background
  • Images must be in focus and properly lit 
  • Products should fill 85% or more of the image, with just plain white in the remainder of background 
  • Plain backgrounds need to be pure white (RGB 255, 255, 255 on the colour wheel) 
  • Without additional objects or people featuring on the main image  
  • Without additional text or graphics – it has to be what the customer gets when they buy it  

Main product image (ESSENTIAL) 

2. Additional Product Images 

You can play around with the other 6 product images. This flexibility is great for showing an element of branding, other shots of the product or key information, perhaps shown through an infographic.  

Sell Beyond have broken down the types of images that work well on Amazon. Images serve a different purpose and appeal to different customers. Make sure you know your target market before you decide on what types of images to include in your listing.         

Make sure your image choices speak to your audience and cover the key benefits and features your product has. 

Back/Side View of Product 

  • Highlights key features not visible from the front 
  • Pro-actively answers questions customers may have  

Close-up Photos  

A close up of a bench

Description automatically generated
  • Great for items with surface detail, texture or visual features 
  • Can show how to install item 

Product ‘Opened’ 

  • Shows the multiple functions of the product all at once 
  • Works well for products with multiple compartments 

Image of Boxed Product 

A picture containing grass, outdoor, wooden, sitting

Description automatically generated
  • Shows branding/ logo 
  • Highlights the quality of each aspect of the product 
  • Gives an idea of how big the box will be when delivered 

3. Lifestyle Images 

Lifestyle images are a great way of showing potential buyers the product in use and adds a human element to the listing. 

Image of People Using Product 

  • Indicates size and scale 
  • Helps shoppers visualise it in their lives 
  • Suggests different uses for the product 

Product Shown in Use 

A chair sitting in front of a table

Description automatically generated
  • Shows the product installed  
  • Helps shopper imagine in their own home 
  • Signals your target market 

4. Brand and Product Range 

Logo Image

Bird Food Seed Mix, 2kg & 5kg | Seedzbox
  • Establishes brand awareness 
  • Great if you have limited photos 

Image of Range (i.e. different colours) 

A close up of a bottle

Description automatically generated
  • Shows the whole range of your products 
  • Could convert shoppers who may not like the current colour variation 
  • Could turn into multiple sales/upsell and create brand trust 

5. Infographics 

Product Features Infographic 

Idooka lawn furniture Amazon infographic
  • Helps signpost features quickly
  • Shows the quality of product design
  • Can incorporate the brand font and colours

Product Benefits Infographic 

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated
  • Way of showing simple information quickly
  • Can promote the benefits of this product 
  • Can be made in your brand colours, font and feature your logo 

Sizing Infographic

  • Shows quickly how big the item is 
  • Reduces customer confusion of size 
  • Another place to showcase packaging

Partnered Charity Image/Infographic 

  • Shows an ethical standpoint/ what your brand stands for 
  • Comes across as a trustworthy seller who isn’t anonymous 
  • Gives buyers the ‘feel good’ factor 
  • Moderately rare on Amazon, so gives an edge over your competitors 

Whichever variation of 6 images you choose along with the main white background product image, ensure each image says something different about your product, whether it’s a different angle, an image of the product in use or an image showcasing your brand. 

Photo Phobia? Talk to the Amazon consultants! 

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