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What does your Amazon product packaging say about your brand? Giving a positive opening experience can inspire your customers to buy more and leave positive reviews as well as spread your brand name out on social media. Find out how to perfect the customer journey through packaging and a great unboxing experience! 

What is The Unboxing Experience on Amazon? 

How do customers feel when they open a package from your company, after buying on Amazon? Do you pay attention to this part of the customer journey? Amazon controls most of the customer experience, so personalising the moment when customers finally discover your product is fundamental to building your brand and outperforming competitors. 

We’ve all heard the knock on the door and had that excitement to go get your package. There’s a race to get it before the courier chalks you up to a late riser. You get your package, you go into the kitchen to find some (usually unsuitable) scissors to cut through that surprisingly tough black tape. Once you finally open it? Not always what you expected.  

Did you forget to make your product boxes reflect your brand? Are you risking a negative customer experience, negative reviews or poor customer retention? 

Succeeding on Amazon is all about social proof. You need lots of positive reviews and ratings to increase your sales. 

5 Things You Need in Your Amazon Packages  

  1. A review or brand card – Sometimes we want to leave reviews but we don’t get around to it. Why not prompt a review by inserting a card that says, ‘we’d love to hear from you’, ‘how did you find this product?’ Even a simple ‘please leave a review’ will do the trick, especially if you’ve wowed them with your product and packaging. 
  1. A discount or exclusive offer – Regardless as to whether it’s a killer deal or a veiled attempt to sell dead stock, if your customer sees a reasonable discount on a good product from a seller they’ve just bought from, they may be tempted. 
  1. Relevant product information – Assuming you’ve written an optimised listing detailing why your product is awesome, have you repurposed it as a leaflet for box inserts? The majority of your Amazon customers won’t go back to your listing each time they have a question. Perhaps it was a gift sent straight to the recipient? How else will they know all that information if it’s only on the Amazon page? 
  1. Instructions or a how-to guide – Without branded instructions included with the product, you are sending customers to Google. Google will be full of sellers who can’t wait to recommend their instructions and products. Instantly, your customer has a reason to not repeat purchase from you; their attention’s gone elsewhere. Instructions work well in paper form too. You could make these available as a .PDF download, in an automated email or as a YouTube video.  

According to KPMG, around 30% of online consumers post feedback online, mostly after proactive sellers have requested reviews from happy customers.

Are YOU giving customers a positive experience with your packaging and following up with a review request? 

Why You Should Look at Your Reviews & Your Competitors: Optimise Your Amazon Listings and Create Brand-Loyal Fans with the Unboxing Experience 

Following feedback from Amazon reviewers saying two cakes arrived damaged, founder of Bizzibeans Cakes, Todd Lewis got to work. After rigorous testing with different arrangements and materials Todd developed a single wall cardboard box that would withstand handling in the Amazon Warehouses.  

Amazon packaging
Bizzibeans’ rigid packaging (right) for the Simnel Cake prevents crumbling. 

Now Bizzibeans’ freshly homemade Simnel cakes end up perfect on the doorstep of customers thanks to the thicker packaging that prevents the cake from being squished or dented.  

Founder of Bizzibeans offers his number 1 tip on Amazon packaging
Amazon product packaging
Bizzibeans’ new Simnel Cake box is filled with packing peanuts that complement the brand’s colours

How should I package my products on Amazon? 

In addition to special discounts, email marketing and offering consistent customer service, your packaging will make your customers care.  

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) sellers are limited by the secondary packaging Amazon provides to ship, Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM) sellers also  have rules to follow when it comes to shipping. Amazon prohibits all sellers from adding inserts to packages that include non-Amazon links. Amazon wants to keep their customers on the Amazon platform. However, you can add branded inserts or discount codes for your Amazon store, so customers are encouraged to buy from you on Amazon again. With free apps like Canva for you to get creative, there is no excuse to upgrade your packaging and unboxing experience for Amazon. 

The 6 Essentials to Amazing E-Commerce Packaging  

According to packaging company Shorr, only 11% of customers are satisfied with their e-commerce packaging. Let’s take a look at how you can improve the end product your customer opens. Your packaging should be: 

  • Sturdy: Does your package look reassuringly durable? 
  • Branded: Does your packaging match your brand and logo?  
  • Easy to open: Do your customers get wrap rage from your heat-sealed blister pack packaging?  
  • Considered: Does your packaging look neat when opened – are all the products facing the right way? 
  • Engaging: Does your packaging contain a call-to-action that encourages customers to connect with the brand?  
  • Surprising: Have you added discounts, personalisation or sample items to make your customer feel special?  

Sell Beyond’s Top Tips for Packaging & Unboxing

Have you considered what your secondary packaging and packaging materials say about your brand? Are your boxes packed with plastic airbags or shredded cardboard? Is your box a suitable size? What does your average customer think about your packaging? 

Amazon packaging
Big boxes not only waste packaging but also can increase your FBA storage fees

The best-kept secret about making an unboxing experience for your customers? 

When done to scale, it’s easy to see Amazon sales and sessions improve. If you want to personalise each box individually, be aware this adds to the time and cost of your operations.  

Improving the unboxing experience for your customers could be adding a ‘thank you’, discount card or instructional leaflet to a package – something most of your competitors are probably neglecting. 

I want to give my customers on Amazon the perfect unboxing experience – what do I do next? 

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