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Who is Mario?


Mario is our go-to when it comes to Amazon business analysis.


Mario is Sell Beyond’s hero when it comes to the nitty-gritty of Amazon’s back office, but Mario’s real title is Business Analyst.

After a 30-year career as an IT architect with UK corporates, Mario quit his job to start his own successful Amazon business in 2017.

With a flair for interpreting and monitoring vast amounts of data as well as expertise in creating systems to get scalable results, Mario is a vital addition to the Sell Beyond team, joining us in September 2020.

In the run-up to our webinar on 21 October at 10 am that focuses on how to hit the targets of your Amazon business, we thought we would interview Mario about his knowledge of all things data and Amazon.


Q & A with Mario

What do you do as a Business Analyst at Sell Beyond?


I take a look at the accounts of Sell Beyond’s clients and go through them with a fine-tooth comb. There is nothing too small for me to point out to our clients about their Amazon accounts.

Amazon can really hold a grudge with even the tiniest issue on Seller Central and it’s our job to spot these mistakes for clients and show them how to improve the overall health of their Amazon business. It’s best to clarify these small errors before they can blow up into bigger issues further down the line. It’s all about managing risk and identifying problems before they arise.


What are the hallmarks of a badly managed Amazon?

If the business is multi-channel – i.e. if a company is selling on Amazon in addition to using a network of wholesalers, having a website, or selling into the supermarkets or the on-trade – they typically face challenges in managing their Amazon.

Oftentimes, business owners or CEOs consider Amazon as a “nice-to-have”, not key to their business goals. But in reality, to get the success you see your competitors have, business owners must see Amazon as a key part of the company. Amazon is a highly specific distribution channel. It is a unique platform with processes, technical language and requirements that most e-commerce platforms do not have.

Amazon will not work if it is not part of your overall business strategy. The big takeaway for readers is – just like with other areas of business – you get out what you put in when it comes to your Amazon account.


What is the first thing an Amazon business should review in their Seller Central account to assess whether they need to change their strategy and execution?


A big red flag is Inventory Performance Index (IPA). Anything under 500 requires some serious work, with the mid-range still cause for concern. If you’re a Fulfilled By Amazon seller you risk losing storage space and being charged a penalty for any excess storage in the warehouses should you rank under 500 in the IPI.

You need to be hitting close to the top end of the bar to be fulfilling your potential on Amazon. As the IPI takes at least a month to update, it should be a business priority to regularly check and manage your IPI.

Your account is in the mid-range and should be improved to get better results
Your account is at risk of suspension and you may lose warehouse space


What is your favourite part of your role at Sell Beyond?


I particularly enjoy compiling the information our clients need to optimise their accounts, giving the reasons why for a suggestion and explaining the limitations each action has. The best part is being able to impart my advice on willing Amazon sellers eager to learn.

Mario’s experience as a successful Amazon seller and business systems expert allows us to help you master your Amazon alongside our amazing team members – Amazon strategists, SEO specialists, copywriters, brand designers, project managers and foreign language optimization experts.

Welcome, Mario!

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