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Sell Beyond thought it was time to have an interview with Phil Revitt, a well-known, experienced seller on Amazon and renowned expert on Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and Amazon product launch.  

Who is Phil?  

What’s your background and how did you get to become an Amazon PPC expert? 

When I started my business on Amazon, something was wrong in my business and money was simply draining away from my account. I found marketing was key to solving it. I spent a lot of money on advertising without any plan, my only plan was “just hope”! I didn’t get anywhere. Soon enough I got a mentor and was taught the ins and outs of how to do it correctly… so now I manage accounts and I also run my own Amazon business. I come from a finance background, having been a financial advisor in a past life, so I’m comfortable around numbers and spreadsheets. 

Q+A With Phil: What Language Is Your Customer Using? 

Explain what you do in a few sentences. 

I actively monitor and manage keywords in an attempt to get keyword ranking to page one. It’s a mixture of analysis and marketing; you’re not trying to get a product in front of a customer, it’s getting a keyword in front of a customer.  

So imagine I’m an Amazon Seller. What is the first thing I need to improve on my Amazon business? 

Decide what your business goal is. What are you trying to achieve? What audience are you trying to target? Ultimately everyone’s goal is to make more money, but how are YOU looking to do that. Are you looking for brand awareness, to promote a product that you soon won’t be replenishing, or using ads to get people to see your new range? 

Some businesses think putting adverts up will work instantaneously without any research or effort and it just doesn’t work that way. Amazon is constantly changing and you have to have your finger on the pulse of it. Most businesses don’t monitor their keywords and how they are ranking – but it’s important. 

Imagine I’m an Amazon Seller. What mistakes am I probably making? 

Are you checking what is draining the bank balance? A high advertising cost per spend (ACOS) with no results, or a lot of keywords that are costing money but producing nothing is a red flag. You have up to 1000 keywords in any given campaign, so are you checking what key search terms are prudent, how many you can test and importantly, the cost? 

How often should I check my keywords on Amazon PPC? 

I think it’s best to check daily, but I tend to make adjustments generally once or twice a week, dependent on how sales are going, maybe 2-3 times a week. 

How do I know you have a successful keyword? 

You need to check how many impressions you’ve had and how many people have clicked through from the ad to your listing. This metric is called the click-through rate (CTR). If your click-through rate is low, this means the keywords you are using are not relevant to the product you are selling. So, next you need to look at how well the advertisement is converting – how many people are buying this product? How many people are clicking on the advert and how many are actually looking at the listing and purchasing the product? 

How do you know you’ve run a successful advertising campaign? What does it look like? 

A good campaign can be for brand awareness or product launch, but a successful outcome is generally getting a good return on your investment. You still have to get your product in front of the customer and sell it.  

It’s all about ranking those keywords. A really good campaign will rank loads to page one which will give you many opportunities for your product. Some businesses think they’re performing well through Amazon ad campaigns, but if you look at all the data, you might have the capacity to sell ten times as much!  

What’s an effective Amazon bidding strategy? 

An effective strategy would be one that produces a very good return on investment, being cautious – if you’re not concerned with a keyword, you are testing with your spend. But each strategy has its own bidding methods. Fine tune your keywords.  

What’s the most surprising part about PPC? 

When it comes to advertising campaigns, your audience can type something completely different from what you’re expecting. You need to ask yourself What language is your customer using? It amazes me how, as business owners, we all think we intimately know our product and our relevant keywords – but we don’t! 

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