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Who is Keeley? 

Keeley is our sucker punch when it comes to standout Amazon content that grows sales.

Keeley is Sell Beyond’s southpaw when it comes to taking your no-good, poorly optimised Amazon product listings into the ring.  

After moving from Nottinghamshire, Keeley completed a BA in Literature with Writing at ARU and then an MA in Poetry at UEA. She’s always loved writing and was looking to turn her lifelong passion into a career. Keeley joined the Sell Beyond team in April 2020 and is skilled in making people want to buy on Amazon – she advises on the writing, design, images and infographics that you see in an Amazon listing.  

Q & A with Keeley 

What do you do as Chief Copywriter at Sell Beyond? 

Just like Amazon, I deal with A-Z. We’ve only got words, pictures and numbers at our disposal when it comes to communicating on Amazon, so we have to make sure people can experience your product and brand when browsing. I make your product stand out on Amazon by triggering people’s emotions through research, writing, and image selection. Beyond the product listings, I also write blogs and some social media posts for Sell Beyond to show brands how to make their Amazon account a knockout.  

When does an Amazon listing need optimizing?  

Sometimes looking at Amazon product pages is like watching a particularly scary horror movie – with curled toes and seen between your hands! 

Fundamentally, we are trying to get consumers to trust your brand and your product. What are the hallmarks of badly made Amazon content? Incomplete titles and one-word bullet points usually indicate a brand’s Amazon strategy is to simply copy and paste what they have on the e-commerce website. A lot of the time you can spot they haven’t been copy-edited to omit website promotions or old product variations, which can affect your account in the long run. 

Another bugbear is photography that might work great on a normal website being used on Amazon as product images. For example, tasteful shots of a green tea drink that has its ingredients spread out around the box wouldn’t be a great main product image on Amazon. You want sharp, straight to the point images of your product to feature as your main product image. Of course, after you’ve got the basic images down, it’s great to have a variation of assets like this feature in your top 7 product images. 

What is the first thing an Amazon business should do to their listings to make a lasting impact? 

Invest in great photos. Many companies launching on Amazon underestimate how shoppers make decisions based on images. We are visual in our browsing on Amazon. As we shift into shopping onto our phones rather than our computers, we want instant answers and even when we do read, we tend to do it intermittently, scanning text as we scroll. Optimised images from several angles, backgrounds and style of shot (product images, lifestyle images etc) can really push your brand up and away from its competitors. It’s truly the hallmark of a quality product listing. 

Another is performing market research! It doesn’t have to be pie charts galore and asking 1000 people what they search for when they’re looking for a soft drink on Amazon. Use what you have right in front of you and type in some of your keywords into the Amazon search bar. You’d be surprised what pops up. Max out your keywords with this market research – just make sure not to repeat any keywords. 

What is your favourite part of your role at Sell Beyond? 

My favourite part is being able to wipe the project off my whiteboard knowing the client’s happy! But there is so much more. I like the puzzle of having the character limitations on Amazon product listings (usually 200 characters including spaces for the title) when combining them with best practice (putting the five most important words before an em dash at the beginning of the title). It’s like sculpting – working backwards. You start with a block of text and you have to carve it down to make it fit not only the Amazon requirements but the client too. It has to speak to the brand you’re writing for. 

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