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In one of our most recent Engage with E-Commerce webinars, Sell Beyond and Quickfire Digital hosted an episode with Rebecca Johns at rjohnssocial

Together we talked about the tricks of the trade, and how to use the best methods and apps to get your target audience to your website. 

For the full scoop on how to know your audience and get them to your product pages,  click here for the YouTube video.

Figure Out Your Audience Persona with Key Questions

You think you know who you’re selling to. But are they real people to you? ‘Busy mums aged 25-45 who shop at Tesco’ is not an audience persona, it’s a target market.

An audience persona is a specific person you wish to sell your product to. It is like having a bullseye on a shooting target: you know what you’re aiming for. You focus on appealing to this one audience rather than trying to cater to everybody.

So rather than ‘Busy mums age 25-45 who shop at Tesco’ imagine a person with a name. What are the three biggest problems they have? How can you solve them?

Enter ‘Tesco Tessa’: she has 3 children, owns her own house, works part-time, is responsible for childcare and really cares about trustworthy products for her children that are environmentally friendly. 

Use the Amazon A9 Algorithm to find your customers

Who are your Customers on Amazon? ‘Customers who viewed this item also viewed…’

Did you know that Amazon also gives you free information about your audience personas? On each of your listings, Amazon offers a carousel of what clients have been interested in on Amazon as well as your product listing. This carousel of products can feature your products, but also includes recommendations or advertisements from other companies. 

Don’t think of this as competition … because Amazon is practically handing out free audience profile research here for you.

We took a look at a Hyundai lawnmower listing and saw that some shoppers who looked at this listing had also looked at a self-improvement book. Already, we have an insight that the audience persona for both products is someone who has time on their hands, likes nature and self-development, is a convenience shopper (hence using Amazon) and looks at recognizable brands (Hyundai). 

Want to improve your listing and develop a target profile? Amazon research like this is quick, free and right at your fingertips, so what are you waiting for?

Get The Right People to Your Website: Optimise Posting Times and Content

You will find many suggested times online experts preach about the ideal posting times: there are the golden hours between 1pm and 3pm to post content on Facebook, as well as the general suggestion of 9am -12am Monday to Wednesday for the UK. But you need to know who is YOUR audience and when do THEY spend time on social media?

A busy mum with a newborn child is a potential audience persona: during the day there is little time for these mums to sit down and concentrate on reading a social media post. To grab their attention, Rebecca schedules content to reach her target audience in their downtime at night: in an ideal world, the kids are asleep and mums have time to relax a little and spend time on social media. 

Regardless of whether you’re a busy mum or not, remember as well: people aren’t looking to devote themselves to reams of paragraphs written by businesses that are new to them! Your consumers’ time is much like yours: a finite currency.

Facebook has a great way of tracking your audience interaction if you’ve been using Facebook for more than a year to look at when people have viewed, commented, shared or clicked through on your posts.

Develop Your Target Profile With Personality App CrystalKnows

Are you trying to reach busy IT engineers or HR professionals? Have you tried the personality app CrystalKnows as a way to create an audience persona for B2B sales? 

CrystalKnows provides metrics using the basis of world-known personality tests such as Myers-Briggs to give you a workplace-oriented target profile for your B2B sales.

If you have someone in your network that uses social media regularly that fits your target audience well, you could harness their social profiles traits by using CrystalKnows to build your B2B audience persona. 

This can offer insight into what appeals to your audience (perhaps they don’t like the sales-y nature of Linkedin posts, or perhaps they respond positively to first-time discounts on your website?).

Let Your User Persona Speak to Your Audience

It’s likely that in your target audience’s head, your brand has likely developed a voice. Consistency with any brand is key. To fully win over your shoppers, maintain your brand voice throughout every text they interact with, whether it’s product listings, delivery update emails or inserts inside their package.

To do this, focus on each word you type. Is your brand the one that uses ‘cool’ or ‘fab’? It may not seem like these words mean much to some, but the words you use matter to your audience: ‘Cool’ as a word seems gender-neutral, evokes nonchalance, chic, sometimes teeters on the masculine, whereas ‘fab’ seems slightly feminised by stumping the full word ‘fabulous’. 

Does your tone focus on the benefits and features or use emotive language to put your product across to a specific type of person? 

Ensure your target audience gets to your Amazon product page or your website by posting relevant content, at a time where they will see it, at a length they will engage with by regularly auditing your audience’s needs and whether they change.

For more gems, head on over to our Sell Beyond blog which we update regularly regarding all things e-commerce.

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