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How to Get Loyal Shoppers that Repeat Purchase on Amazon and E-Commerce

In a recent episode of our ‘Engage With E-Commerce’ webinars hosted alongside Quickfire Digital, Sell Beyond explored ways to acquire new customers, retain your existing customers and how to turn both into loyal fans of your brand. You can view the full webinar here.

Here are a few key points that will land you loyal shoppers who purchase time and time again from you:

Acquire New Customers

Display A Great Customer Experience – Answer Questions and Respond to Review

What does a good customer experience look like? On an Amazon page, one of the first things we do as consumers is look at the reviews and questions at the bottom. If a company has questions that always seem to be answered by people who have bought from this vendor – rather than answered by a company representative –  what does this say to potential new buyers?

As a seller, if you are letting other people answer questions about your product, you may be displaying answers which are unhelpful or just plain wrong. This reflects on your brand in a negative way. Build trust by taking ownership of the Question and Answer Section of an Amazon product page.

In short, you must answer everything on your product page: respond to any question that pops up, respond to all reviews both positive and negative. This is a great time to show the human element of your business – that there’s someone working behind the scenes – and build trust in your brand.

Off Amazon, you should respond in a personable and timely manner in your social media and email strategies. Show existing customers you care and show potential customers what your brand stands for – don’t just use the standard Shopify email confirmation template, for example. Create messages that stand out.

Nudge the Basket Abandoners – Use Re-marketing to Catch Uncertain Shoppers

Don’t forget about the shoppers that didn’t end up buying from you, it’s not over yet! Some people just take longer to buy, and given the extreme amount of choice online, it’s to be expected.

A great way of tempting indecisive shoppers is with targeted adverts. These are ads that follow you around the internet should you browse a page with adverts, reminding shoppers of a deal they didn’t quite seal and if clicked, sends them back to your page. Google Display Remarketing is a tool that can help you create a remarketing campaign.

On Amazon, you can use Amazon automatic advertisements, which have a similar purpose. Keep a sharp eye on costs, though. You can also target ads against competitor ASINs if you suspect people will be choosing between your products.

Retain Existing Customers: Incentivise Existing Shoppers to Repeat Their Purchases

Do you sell one-off items to shoppers? In this case, you should focus on creating brand engagement and making your customers rave about you to others. Can they become advocates for your brand and get other consumers on board?

If you are selling repeat purchase items such as pet food or coffee beans, how are you incentivising existing clients into bulk buying or subscribing? Deemed an ‘essential’ to most, many coffee bean listings offer consumers promotions to encourage buying 4 or 6 items with a discount, retaining their business.

‘Subscribe and Save’ monthly options save Amazon shoppers money and keep them loyal to you. Every time they open their package from you, not only are you given another opportunity to engage with that customer, your brand solidifies even more in their mind.

If you can create raving fans for your brand, the more likely they are to pass that enthusiasm on to friends and family.

Get Raving Fans

Surprise and Delight

You don’t always need to spend more money to make your customers happy. It can be as simple as a handwritten note saying thank you for supporting a small business, or a small gesture such as a lollipop added to the packaging. We call this ‘Surprise and delight’ – in other words when you go the extra mile to make your customer happy/

One brand covered in the webinar was a pet food brand that commissioned a portrait of a shopper’s dog while they were away on holiday. This blew up on social media after the owner posted a picture of the painting and tagged the brand in the post to say thanks. Not only was this positive exchange between customer and seller showcased in this dog owner’s social group, but because this went viral, this brand generated attention from a lot of social media users in a fast and effective manner. Associating your brand with emotion is a sure-fire way of retaining shoppers to your brand and creating online buzz.

Keep Momentum After-Sale to Increase Brand Loyalty

A lot of businesses stop here, but the customer journey is just beginning. Follow up with your customers once they’ve purchased. An engaging email sequence thanking them for their order, telling the customer their order is confirmed/dispatched and is out for a delivery cements the methodical and experienced nature of your brand. After the delivery of the item, use emails to keep shoppers aware of the latest trends or advances in your industry, or any exciting additions to your range, keeping your voice as the one they will turn to when it comes to questions or product in your industry.

Offer customers something of value. If you are able, contact them for a written testimonial or video testimonial, ask them to refer a friend, direct them to a product you sell that is in line with their previous purchase with you. Provided it is meaningful, each touchpoint you have with your customers show them you go for gold when it comes to looking after your customer base.

Analytics and Tools

Use the Best Tools Out There to Inspire Brand Loyalty

For Amazon, we recommend:

  • Sellics: A data and analytics platform that also provides SEO, advertising and reviews
  • SellerLabs: An Amazon tool that helps you create and send automated emails and sequences for deliveries and reviews, as well as keywords and SEO
  • Feedback Whiz: An add-on to help manage your product reviews and automated emails

You are only as good as the tools you use, so try these out and see what works for you. You can be certain your competitors have at least one of these in their Amazon strategy!

Got a burning question about customer retention online or which Amazon analytic tool would benefit your business? Contact us here, we don’t bite.

(Please note Sell Beyond is NOT affiliated with any of the add-ons or analytics mentioned in this blog post).