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Are your listings on Amazon giving you the sales you expected? 

Are you always trying to improve your catalogue but you never see any change?  

Find out how to get an Amazon’s Choice or Best Seller badge to give your products the lift they deserve! 

Amazon badges signal to shoppers that listings sell well, are trusted, sold at a good price, the product is a decent quality and generally the seller gives a positive customer experience. 

Imagine the uplift your Amazon business would have if your product listings were highlighted on page 1 as Amazon’s Choice or Best Seller. 

In this YouTube clip and blog, Amazon consultants Sell Beyond take you through the essentials on what businesses need to get an Amazon’s Choice or Best Seller badge. Read on for more! 

Amazon’s Choice vs Best Seller badge – Sell Beyond’s breakdown

What is the Amazon’s Choice Badge? 

The Amazon’s Choice badge helps shoppers spot relevant, good-quality listings for Alexa searches and desktop/mobile searches as well. It has evolved from a way of helping shoppers narrow down their searches when buying through voice activation on Amazon Echo.  

Because of its origins as a way of guiding voice-activated searches to product listing pages, Amazon’s Choice badges rely heavily on search terms and keywords. Each listing needs detailed research into what people search for on Amazon for each item. 

Generally, any listing that has a good number of reviews, has fast shipping times (usually on Prime) and extensive stock will be more likely to land the Amazon’s Choice badge. 

This product was Amazon’s choice for ‘indoor house plant’. 

How can I get the Amazon’s Choice badge? 

Although Amazon doesn’t reveal how listings are ranked, we know a few things are for certain when it comes to getting an Amazon’s Choice badge. 

You need to have: 

  1. A clickable listing  
  • A high-quality main product image. A good hero image will get shoppers clicking on your listing from the Amazon search page. 
  • Your main keywords in the first half of the title. Signalling your item is ‘gluten free’ or ‘re-usable’ at the beginning of your title will help your product stand out against the competition. This is especially important for product features that aren’t immediately visible in the main product image. 
  1. Relevant and well-researched keywords in the backend of Amazon 
    As the Amazon’s Choice badge is keyword dependent, you need broad search terms that are relevant to your product. This includes: 
  • Different ways customers phrase their searches for this product (i.e ‘potted plant’, ‘indoor plant’, ‘house plant’ – using the word plant only once in your backend keywords, of course). 
  • The end product (i.e. if it’s a stamping jewellery tool, including words like ‘pendant’ and ‘personalised bracelet’). 
  • The reason customers normally buy it – Is it a ‘gift’/ ‘present’ or is it a ‘hobby’? 
  • Does it fit under a known category like ‘pet care’ or ‘beauty’ and what customers type when they search for it – It’s unlikely many customers search for ‘unisex’, but do they search for ‘men’, ‘women’? 
  1. Fast shipping times 
    Whether you ship FBA or FBM, having fast, reliable delivery will affect the likelihood of receiving an Amazon’s Choice badge.  
  1. A high product rating (think 4.4 stars and higher) 
    A historically well-rated product factors in, as well as your product’s recent review and rating trends. 
  1. A competitive price 
    Your listing price needs to be appropriate for the market and the product. 
  1. Always be in stock 
  • If you go out of stock with your items, Amazon will penalise you and you’ll lose your badge  

Is it worth putting all this effort into gaining an Amazon’s Choice badge? 

Getting the Amazon’s Choice badge requires constant tweaking of your listings and a focus on competitor research and customer search terms. If Amazon has a private label brand in your category, naturally that range of products will receive the Amazon’s Choice badge as well as a perfectly placed price. Long story short, sometimes the badge is pre-determined. 

What is the Best Seller Badge on Amazon? 

Amazon’s Best Seller badge is gained if you have the most sales in the last hour. It’s an endless competition! How many units have you sold in the last hour compared to other products in your category? Unlike the Amazon’s Choice badge, the Best Seller badge isn’t dependent on longtail search terms; it’s not linked to a keyword search. This means that if your listing gets the Best Seller badge, you are the best seller in your product category. 

Graphical user interface, website

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Screengrab of mens’ onesie 

The Amazon Bestseller badge hops between listings hourly based on search trends, conversion rate and other variables. 

This product was a Best Seller in the ‘indoor plants’ category. 

How can I get the Best Seller badge on Amazon? 

Get more sales! How do you do that? To receive the Best Seller badge on Amazon, you need to: 

  1. Have a clickable listing 
  • Do you have a main product image that clearly is the correct product, shows a good angle, is on a plain white background and looks high-quality? This is essential for a clickable listing. 
  • Are all your important keywords in the first half of your title so they appear on the Amazon search results page before the cut off? With the price, the hero image, reviews/ratings and the title being the biggest factors in clicks to your page, you need these optimised for maximum impact. 
  1. Finesse your product node/category 
    The more specific you can be for your product node, the less competition you’ll have in that category. Being in a more specific, smaller category means when people search within that product node you are more likely to receive the Best Seller badge. Make sure it is a relevant category still, however! 
  1. Plan out a promotion strategy to gain sales velocity. 
    Whether it’s lightning deals, promo codes or a whole battalion of PPC ads, you need a plan you can stick to in order to get sales. (Unsure which would work for you? Check out our link at the end of the blog for our promo code bootcamp video.) 
  1. Have a good amount of stock in place 

With your strategy for sales in mind, you need stocks ready to ship at a moment’s notice. But not too much, of course, if you’re sending through FBA. Keep an eye on the estimate Amazon gives on how much stock to send into their warehouses so your IPI (Inventory Performance Index) score isn’t affected by sell-through. 

  1. Ship FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) to Customers 

It’s no secret – to be able to keep up with your quickening sales rate thanks to your failproof plan, you need to ship your products through Amazon so you can ensure fast, reliable delivery every time. 

The cut off for the title on the search results page is around 60 characters

Like reaching most ‘achievements’ on Amazon, it isn’t always in the interest of profits. Getting the Best Seller badge at first may mean undercutting your competitor’s price (whether you inch by a couple of pence lower than their price, or dramatically lower your prices). You may also need to invest in product photography for product images, creating PPC campaigns, optimising keywords, titles and product descriptions. 

Does a Best Seller or Amazon’s Choice badge stay forever? 

Like all Amazon achievements, these badges don’t last forever. On average, the Amazon’s Choice badge lasts longer than the Best Seller badge, which is updated hourly and therefore fluctuates. But the Amazon’s Choice badge is a little trickier to receive.   

Is it possible to be the Best Seller in a category AND Amazon’s Choice for multiple keywords/search terms? 

It can be done. When searching for ‘potted indoor plant’, the same Peace Lily listing (below, far right) pops up as Best Seller. This is one of the best performing listings in the indoor plant category overall. 

Amazon search page
Search for ‘indoor house plant’ on Amazon yields both Best Seller and Amazon’s Choice listings. 

Amazon screengrab
Search for ‘potted indoor plant’ 

I want to get more sales so I can gain the Best Seller Badge. What’s the next step? 

Check out our YouTube video How to add a promo code, which tells you exactly what you need to create a discount that sells quickly without upsetting your accountant in the long run. 

I want to optimise my listings so I can try to get an Amazon’s Choice badge – what do I do next?

You need to read our blog and video How to Get Amazon Listings Converting Without Ads, which touches on how to optimise your keywords section in your Inventory. We also go through how to auto-populate a comparison chart between your competitors on your listings! What more could you want? 

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