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Make Your Copy & Design Foolproof

Deliver product listings to consistently high standards by using Sell Beyond’s foolproof optimisation process. Download our free optimisation process and checklist PDF here!

Copy covers each text-based aspect to your product listing. This includes your title, the backend keywords, the HTML description, the bullet points and any text used in images (i.e. infographics and image-based A+ Content).

Title Optimised

  • Does it have 5 most important words at beginning, ending with an em dash ‘–‘?
  • Does it have relevant keywords?
  • Does it specify quantity/size/measurements?
  • Does it include brand name, materials/ingredients, benefits and features?
  • Does it use ‘&’ to save characters?
  • Has it used up the most of the 200-character limit?

Backend Keywords Optimised

  • Does it include the brand name?
  • Does it include the product name and relevant industry?
  • Does it include key benefits and features?
  • Does it use keywords in singular, not plural (i.e. ‘bottle’ not ‘bottles’)?
  • Are words in the backend used only once (i.e. if item is gluten free and dairy free, ‘free’ is typed in once)?
  • Has it used up the most of the 250-character limit?

Product Description Optimised

  • Is there brief sentence/overview of the company and product?
  • Does it detail every measurement available in a list format?
  • Does it list the materials used and the origin of the materials/ where the product is manufactured?
  • Is there a comprehensive list of the features of the product?
  • Has it used up most of the 1800-character limit (including HTML tags)?

Bullets Optimised

  • Is there a bullet point for each USP?
  • Do the bullet points use a title and text format within the bullet points, writing the titles in all caps to grab reader’s attention?
  • Do the bullet points have longtail search terms and use synonyms?
  • Do the bullet points mention the benefits of the product (i.e. better skin)?
  • Do the bullet points highlight key features of the product (i.e. non-drip nozzle)?
  • Do the bullet points mention and describe the brand?
  • Has it used up most of the 500-character limit per bullet point?


  • Is there a sustained brand tone throughout, chiefly in bullet point section and A+ Content?
  • Does the chronology of the listing shoppers (i.e. feature the most relevant product information at the top of the page where possible, leave ‘about the brand’ to the end of the bullet points and A+ Content)?

*Maxing out the character limits without spamming sections

This section covers the A+ Content, main product images and any part of the product listing that features an element of graphic design or imagery.

  • Are the images on the listing all in .JPEG file format?

Hero Image Optimised (and variation images)

  • Have all the 7 image blocks been used?
  • Is there a variety in these images (i.e. 4 high-res images, featuring different angles of product such as zoomed in, unboxed, on a white background, a features infographic, a key information infographic, and 1 x lifestyle photos)
  • Are the images 2000px x 2000px min to ensure Amazon zoom function?
  • Are the images prioritised with the main product image acting as the default ‘hero’ image?

Lifestyle Images Optimised

  • Do they show a hint of lifestyle?
  • Are there images that both feature and don’t feature people?
  • Do these lifestyle images feature a non-plain background such as a home with the product being the focus?
  • Do all these images have a colour palette in keeping with the product and rest of the listing?

Infographics Optimised

  • Does the infographic use the brand font (if possible) and brand colours?
  • Does the infographic have less than 15 words of text in serif or sans-serif (non-cursive unless brand font)?
  • Does the infographic zoom in on special feature?

A+ Optimised

  • Does the A+ use high-quality assets that fit the shape and size requirements for the module (i.e. doesn’t awkwardly cut off product or faces/bodies)?
  • Does the A+ feature 3+ key points in copy with images that match the text (i.e. text about a non-drip nozzle below an image of a nozzle)?
  • Does the A+ have the brand logo?
  • Is there a colour palette in the images used consistently throughout?
  • Does the A+ have a mixture of standard product images and lifestyle images?
  • Does the A+ feature an ASIN comparison chart with links at the end?

Download our FREE PDF of our Amazon Copy & Design Optimisation Process with a handy extra checklist!