Why you should use video to sell on Amazon: An interview with Small Films Creative Director, George Hughes.

Sell Beyond are Amazon Consultants that work with businesses to build a better Amazon. To do this, we study and teach businesses how to maintain a laser focus on logistics, stock management, sales forecasting and broader business goals.

To increase profits and sell more on Amazon, our creative team helps create branded imagery, A+ content, copy and a bulletproof Amazon optimisation. Our team works with trusted creatives to first enhance product listings and deliver measurable growth for our clients.

Sell Beyond interviewed trusted partner and Creative Director of Small Films, George Hughes. Small Films is a London-based video agency that uses visuals to help brands communicate directly to their customers. We interviewed George to explain to Amazon sellers why they should be using video on Amazon.

Amazon Consultants Sell Beyond Interview Short Films Creative Director George Hughes
Amazon Consultants Sell Beyond Interview Short Films Creative Director George Hughes

SB Q1. As Amazon Consultants at Sell Beyond, we speak to a lot of businesses growing on Amazon. Often there is a lack of awareness in digital marketing on Amazon or a reluctance to invest in branded assets to sell products online. In your experience, why don’t brands take the leap to use video?

GH: Brands seem reluctant to embrace video as a marketing tool, in the same way people have been very slow to embrace things like social media as well as PPC.

Firstly, It’s incredible how many traditional brands still pursue old fashioned marketing techniques such as print marketing, radio advertising and out-of-home advertising instead of video.

Secondly, many brands have either not used video as part of their marketing strategy on or off Amazon, or they have tried to use video and haven’t gotten good results, so they’re put off.

Also there is a perception video is unreasonably expensive, it takes a long time, and you can’t track the results, but that’s not the case, depending on which platforms you want to sell on. But when working with the right supplier and you next focus clearly on the reason behind creating the video as well as the intended audience, strategy and analytics, you can receive a phenomenal return of investment.

SB Q2. Investing in anything for an Amazon product launch has to be justifiable for MD’s who have to scrutinise the bottom line. What can you use video for on Amazon and how can you further justify its expenditure?

GH: Video is an incredible tool for 3 things:

  • Grabbing your customers’ attention
  • Explaining how your product works
  • Building trust with your customers

When you start using video on Amazon, you will start to see an increase in conversion, overall spend per purchase and also more reviews. Great things will happen like:

  • Shoppers pay more attention to your product rather than your competitors
  • Customers understand the USPs of your product better
  • Customers don’t return the product as often as the confusion of what makes you different/ what you offer is reduced

Likewise, by building more trust in your products you sell more. If you advertise on Amazon, video can drive down the cost of your paid advertising. This means you will get a lower cost per click as well as higher engagement. This will by comparison reach far more people than competitors who have a lower budget for ad spend.

Video is going to give your Amazon product an edge but there’s an even greater cost of NOT doing anything. By not taking action and creating videos, your competitors will be figuring out their video strategy.

SB Q3. In a heavily saturated market on Amazon and ‘fake review’ farms, why is video important on Amazon?

GH: When it comes to Amazon, a lot of customers are aware of fake reviews on the platform. It can be tricky to figure which products to trust.

If a brand invests in good quality marketing like videos or photos on Amazon, it’s a hallmark of them being a legitimate company that is investing in premium marketing for their products.

SB Q4. A lot of Amazon brands don’t see the reason for explaining what a product does in image or video. They also expect their Amazon customers to know what they need or what their problem is. How does video stop returns and increase conversion rate?

GH: Video is an amazing way of handling the sales objections a customer has prior to purchasing. Think about a customer landing on a product page. They are looking for a problem solver. There will be loads of questions in their head as they comb through these listings.

First get customers to the quick of why they need your product in a 1 minute video. Make it more tempting for that customer to buy instantly. If you can say all of the reasons it’s fantastic and solves their problem in one click, what is stopping them?

SB Q5. As Amazon Consultants we know all too well why having a top-level optimisation is worth the long-term investment. Why is it worth getting a pro videographer or video agency in to create branded videos for your products on Amazon?

GH: Your videos are an extension of your brand. You need to invest the same time and resources into them as you would into any of your marketing assets. Think how much you spend on your website and packaging, for instance.

Consequently, a poorly executed video can leave a negative impression of your brand. If it looks amateur or poorly shot, then people will think your brand is just as amateur.

Finally, video is not just the execution technically, it’s also about the storytelling. If you work with a pro video agency, they can tell your story in the right way using video. All so it leaves that positive and lasting impression.

SB Q6. Can sellers get away with just using images for their listings on Amazon?

GH: I’d ask myself a simple question: do my competitors have video? If they have, then I am at a competitive disadvantage. Similarly, if they haven’t invested in video, I’m missing an opportunity to make my product stand out!

SB Q7. George, how can you help brands on Amazon increase sales and presence on Amazon?

GH: At Small Films, we’re not just a video agency that answers to a creative brief. We can help you with an entire video marketing strategy so you can draw attention to your products, create impact and grow your business.

If you are looking to increase your visibility and profitability on Amazon, we can help you to do that with video. We work with clients to get them into the top 1% of people who are using video effectively, so they can stand out from their competitors.

Premium, thought-out video content can help your Amazon rocket with sales growth and reviews. If you would like a 30-minute consultation to find out how Small Films can help your business, Drop George a line over at Small Films or george@smallfilms.com

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