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France sees 74% increase in online sales

“We’re putting all of our energy into e-commerce” explained French online giant FNAC on Saturday night, after France moved to close all nonessential businesses, including cafes, restaurants, cinemas and non-food shops.

France has already seen a whopping 74% increase in online shopping with home delivery (both supermarkets and ecommerce) according to a Nielsen study. Their consumer research calculated that from March 2nd to 8th, online shopping with in-store pickup experienced the highest turnover ever with 164M€ turnover and more than 7% of consumer product sales.

Right now, the whole of France is shopping online. French consumers have been hitting online sellers such as FNAC and Amazon to buy laptops for remote working, and extracurricular textbooks or activity books, so that their children can continue their education (full article in Le Monde from 15 March here).

Since Saturday night, people living in France only have their computer, tablet or smartphone to buy trousers, a pair of shoes or a book. This will enable Amazon sellers – and other ecommerce businesses – to provide more of what people want in France.

Sell Beyond’s own clients who are already operating on Amazon France have seen week-on-week French sales during March remain steady in household and sports medicine and strongly increase in action sports and beverages.