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“Last year was our best year. We doubled turnover on Amazon UK. We optimised all our products by rewriting the descriptions. But why do we still sell 90% of our products in the UK and 10% abroad?”

I hear this a lot. Most of us don’t realise that our UK marketing is a back and forth. We tweak. We rewrite. We revise.

But when was the last time you looked at your German or French product listings?

Maybe you used WebInterpret or Google Translate one time.

Maybe you outsourced to a translation company or got your Spanish colleague to write out the listing.

And then what? You probably hoped for the best.

Compared with the effort you put into your UK listings, how much time have you ever spent on EU product listings?

In the run up to Christmas, we helped a lifestyle brand to grow their product sales across Europe through better conversions. The company already had been selling for a while, but sales had flatlined.

So what did Sell Beyond do? We help companies do what they were already doing well in English; in French, German, Spanish and Italian: relentlessly improving their product copy.

We are experts in Amazon SEO. We find the right words to trigger emotions, get your products to stand out from the crowd and compel customers to buy from you.