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September drew to an end and we were ready to sink our teeth into another basket analysis!

September Basket Analysis

What is our Amazon Basket Analysis?

Just like Google Trends, we can look at the most searched-for items on Amazon. This data can help you improve your listings, consider new product launches and increase your profit margins.

We took a look at the top search terms and notable trends on Amazon for the top European economies. Take a look at our June, July and August blogs to see how searches and trends performed month to month.

At a Glance:
Back to Back: Europe’s most searched for items in September

September’s Basket Analysis on Amazon

What were the most sought-after items in the UK on Amazon in September?

Trending in the UK: Decorations Galore!

Mr Mort loves shrubbery

Halloween Decorations

With Halloween just around the corner, Brits have started hunt for the perfect Halloween decorations early to spook up the house and garden, ranking in at the 10th most searched item. Looking for ‘Halloween decorations’ seems a little general, but interestingly Brits don’t seem to be searching for costumes – which makes sense due to the lack of parties to attend this year. Instead, they are looking for spooky items to liven up the home.

Perhaps the UK is looking to brighten up their kid’s year with some spooky décor in light of the lockdown restrictions and uncertainty around trick or treating. Looks like family festivity, sweets and lots of carved pumpkins are in order!

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine…

Christmas Decorations

Shoppers have amped up their pre-emptive Christmas shopping with the UK starting to search for festive decorations. With 2020 being an overwhelming year for everyone, it makes sense that people are starting to gather their Xmas décor and nest in a sense of normalcy.

Ranking in at 17 for the UK, Christmas decorations are 7 terms behind Halloween stuff, even though there are 55 days in-between the two holidays.

Searching for both Christmas and Halloween decorations with such general search terms suggests shoppers aren’t looking for anything in particular or are looking for a bargain they can snap up. It’s terrible just how easy it is to buy things online by the click of a button!

What were the most sought-after items in Europe on Amazon in September?

Trending: Warm and Cosy Clothing

cosy cosy jumpers.

It looks like Europe is in on the secret when it comes to what to buy on Amazon. Both Italy and Spain searched for ‘woman slippers’ (ranking at 12th and 6th respectively). Spanish and Italian men weren’t interested in buying warmer footwear to wear around the home in the colder months, or maybe they’ll just steal their ladies’ slippers!

The Germans also searched for ‘winter jacket women’ to keep the ladies snug and comfy with Oktoberfest and the colder months on the horizon.

There seems to be a lot of gifts for men on the top search lists. With Spain searching for ‘sweatshirts men’ (ranked 18th), ‘men watch’ in France (17th) and ‘man watch’ in Italy (10th). Watches are regularly searched for on Amazon across Europe, but sweatshirts are more of a seasonal item. As Autumn began on the 22nd September, it looks like ‘sweater weather’ is in full swing.

Trending: Hogwarts’ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry Potter is like neon legwarmers – it always comes back in fashion!

Flying in on a broomstick to Amazon UK’s top 20, Harry Potter is back in Amazon’s good books. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone film is the most clicked on ASIN in this category, with 21.22% of the #1 Click Share going to this flick.

With a lot of Brits viewing the magic saga as a classic film marathon due to its previous popularity on terrestrial TV, perhaps this is a way of helping to get the family into the Christmas spirit. Harry Potter also ranked in high on Germany’s searches, ranking in at the 6th most searched for term in September. Germany’s #1 click share for this search term was interestingly also the first Harry Potter movie.

With the Harry Potter franchise raking in billions of pounds in just merchandise, it’s likely Amazon shoppers aren’t just looking for the books or the movies, but the wands, scarves, hats, sweets and games that come from the HP universe.

These amazing intricate advent calendars are still going strong in Germany

Trending: 25 Days of Christmas

Germany looks as eager as British supermarket shelves when it comes to getting advent calendars ready before Christmas. Germans invented the concept of an advent calendar back in the 19th century. Unlike typical British advent calendars, most German advent calendars retain their traditional nativity scenes, with the occasional chocolate or goodie behind each window.

The Deutsche searched for ‘advent calendar’ and ‘advent calendar 2020’ (ranking in at #1 and #10 respectively).

Each other country’s top-ranked search for advent calendars were well into the 20,000s, meaning it’s official: Germany loves Christmas that much more than the rest of Europe!

Honourable Mention: Old Faithful Electric Scooters

Electric scooters have been our favourite companion during 2020’s basket analysis

Electric scooters seemed so niche a search term when we first started our basket analysis, an anomaly that we didn’t expect to see grow and persist, month after month. But from starting in Italy, this trend jumped from Spain to France in August.

In September, the French and Italians were still searching for this by the bucketload, although we expect that as the weather gets wetter and colder, folks will be opting for warmer and safer modes of transport as they nip out for their early Christmas shopping.

Woman with blue face mask

Honourable Mention: Facemasks

As always, we would be remiss if we did not mention the one product that has dominated Sell Beyond’s basket analysis since we began in May this year. Out of Septembers top 10 across the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, 17 out of 50 of these were a variation of ‘face masks’. When compared to July which had 21/50 searches containing a variation of the phrase ‘face masks’, we can see a slight dip in this search.

So… how did we do with our predictions?

Did our predictions match the results for September?

We were right – Brits are starting to gather decorations for the upcoming holidays, with Halloween decorations ranking in the top 10. Beyond All Hallows’ Eve, Amazon shoppers have started to fill up their baskets with decorations for Christmas.

What do we expect for October?

Just like August and September, we expect for work and school stationery to remain at the top of people’s shopping lists, as well as a wave of Halloween decorations being ordered before the end of October as last-minute shoppers desperately grab the spookiest things Amazon can manage.

We will start to see cold weather clothing and accessories sprouting over our top 10 across the continent. Let’s not forget with Christmas around the corner, we will start to see people buying presents, so typical presents such as socks, gin, novelty gifts, toiletries and children’s toys will likely fill the top spots in each country.

What does all this data mean?

Having data like this means you can track, test and measure your Amazon to maximise success.

If you’re unsure how to take your Amazon to the next level, you need to speak to someone who knows their stuff. Schedule a meeting with our CEO, Heloise Finch, to see how you can harness brand loyalty and make a name for your brand on Amazon.