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Out of Lockdown and Into the Paddling Pool: Sell Beyond’s Amazon Europe Basket Analysis

Lockdown has reminded us of the price we pay for convenience. We now appreciate the fickle nature of ‘bargains’, the joy of something being ‘in stock’ and the frustration of cheap but hard-to-locate items. We’ve had to rely on e-commerce in a big way in the last 2 months.

As many countries around Europe reduce lockdown measures and as the weather improves, here at Sell Beyond we’ve taken a look at what Western Europe is searching out on Amazon.

And a lot of it reads like hope.

Our Amazon UK baskets say that we’re hoping for hot happy days

Brits tend to get excitable the minute any sun is spotted. It’s no wonder that in the last week of May, Amazon UK shoppers’ interests shifted to summer recreational products as the weather improved: barbeques, sun loungers and paddling pools are in the top 10 in the UK. Below is the UK’s most searched items for May.

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Have Brits now got some sense of hope? Wicked optimism, even?

We’ve got our eyes on a semblance of normality now, with Amazon searches for facemasks and other hygiene products being slowly swapped over for paddling pools, barbeques.

And chocolate. Out of the whole of Europe, the UK is the only country where Chocolate is in the top 15 Amazon searches.

Out of Lockdown and Into the Paddling Pool

It looks like the rest of Western Europe are following suit. French people are looking for sun loungers and hot tubs as well – spa gonflable was the 6th most searched item on Amazon France during the last week of May.

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But those French people don’t just buy outdoor pools for the kids. They search for pools that adults can also sit in. As do the Spanish – piscinas desmontables – and Italians searched for piscina fuori terra, a pool where adults can sit in and enjoy the sunshine while remaining cool.

Culturally in the UK, it’s more likely for adults to buy paddling pools for their kids rather than larger pools for their gardens. Who knows, maybe us Brits sometimes forget how to cool off sometimes!

How Are We Ordering Hygiene Items During Coronavirus?

PPE still frequents each country’s top searches, including the last week of May. Across Europe, hygiene essentials such as masks, hand sanitiser, disposable wipes and gloves are massively in demand on Amazon still.

Perhaps it is to be expected that the UK, Italy and Spain still have a strong search going for facemasks, if only because of how quickly the virus gripped these countries, so it seems to make sense washable face masks are the number one search.

Disposable gloves still rank highly too, as gloves are in demand across many sectors worldwide, including the medical, cleaning and hospitality industries, not to mention for people’s personal use while meeting loved ones and shopping.

Amazon’s Outlier Trends that Have Swept up Western Europe

When looking at Amazon’s data for Western Europe’s searches over May, we found some corkers.

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France had an intriguing entry for the 11th most searched term during May: sewing elastic. Presumably as so many of us have gained weight during our inside quarantine during lockdown! As over 24% of France’s population is over 40, perhaps this demographic have been keening their sewing skills in their downtime.

As a country famed for its Vespa zipping down the cobbles of its cities, is it any wonder that Italians were searching for an electric scooter monopattino electtrico throughout the month of May?

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Ending up as the fourth most searched item during the last week, perhaps the adrenaline junkies of the country are turning towards more conventional ways of feeling the wind in their hair!

While the Brits have been looking for garden furniture sets, Germans has been searching on Amazon for tech gadgets and shisha.

Due to the large demographic of people living in Germany of Turkish origin, it’s no wonder that shisha – a social experience where you toke on flavoured smoke with a group of friends – is now starting to gain popularity in searches due to the easing of certain parts of lockdown. Germans also seem to be looking for Bluetooth earphones as well, raising the question, are they trying to prevent distractions when working from home or are missing the joy of picking their own music to work to?

Similar to Germany, France’s Amazon shoppers also searched for tech accessories; French shoppers were looking at iPhone cases, potentially due to lockdown easing and they want to protect their phone after months of being inside?

Would You Have Coped Without E-commerce During Lockdown?

In a sense, most of us have benefited directly from e-commerce during lockdown. Many people have resorted to e-commerce titans like Amazon and eBay to get masks or hand sanitiser or wipes. Oftentimes when these necessary items have run out online, shoppers have found makeshift alternatives to fashion what they need.

But we have also used it for the nonessential, the odd and the downright recreational such as paddling pools. But that’s great, and is what e-commerce is there for, after all. To Amazon consultants who see the world through the lens of what they put in their basket online, it looks to us like the world is beginning to get back on its feet again.

Will High Street Shoppers be Converted to the Charm of E-commerce?

Although we’ve seen the rise of e-commerce in years and the righteous defenders of the conventional ‘high street’, it’s safe to say that without sites such as Amazon and eBay over lockdown, the world at large would have faced many difficulties.

The world after lockdown may very well relish in stepping out and shopping in person once more, but for devout high street shoppers, they may well have been swayed with the efficiency and range of discounts, choice and payment options that e-commerce allows.