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How do I get the Amazon’s Choice badge?

Consumers love “Amazon’s Choice”. It’s a label that seems trustworthy. The product must be high quality. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t mean that a real human at Amazon has chosen it for you.

For Sellers on Amazon, getting the Amazon’s Choice label is a process of cutthroat competition. It means that your product is being sold the most when people search for specific keywords.

But adding a word can give entirely different Amazon’s Choice product results.

Think of the difference between ‘strong coffee’ and ‘best strong coffee’. They mean similar things.

Yet, depending on a bunch of automated factors, “best strong coffee” will currently lead to Amazon’s Choice for Lavazza Prontissimo coffee

But the search for “strong coffee” will lead to Amazon’s Choice for Psycho Coffee – a totally different item.

So if you’re selling on Amazon, how do you get that Amazon’s Choice badge?

You need to have a listing which makes sense, and has the right words in it that people will search for. You also need to be making good sales – and be a bestseller – for that product in their category (grocery, sports, whatever).

You also need to have a lower return rate than other similar products. Listings with the highest star product reviews, lowest return rates, best sales rank, most competitive price and FBA offers are most likely to get the badge.

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