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How TCA.fit Used Different Marketing Strategies for Amazon and E-Commerce Sites

At only 30, Frankie Thorogood is CEO of the technical sportswear brand TCA, which turns over millions of pounds, serves over 250,000 customers each year and has a loyal fanbase of both amateur and professional athletes.

Sell Beyond cherry-picked some of the most valuable tips from the webinar to share with you.

  1. Watch People Shop: We mean this literally, get practical in your market research. Ask friends and family who don’t know your brand to look through Amazon search listings. Take note of where they hover on the search page, what they click on, what words in the title took their fancy, what images appealed. It’s invaluable seeing how real people outside of your business operate when they don’t know your listing or brand and how your product listings fare next to competitor listings.
  2. One Size Doesn’t Fit All: On Amazon, Frankie finds that invisible mannequins works well as his buyers on the site tend to be the parents of his target audience. They are likely convenience shoppers not so invested in the brand but loyal to Amazon and eager to get fashionable sportswear quickly and efficiently. On the site, TCA.fit use models to display the clothing as well as lifestyle photography and stylised imagery around the site to appeal to his target audience of students and the under-30s. Compared to his customer base on Amazon, those that shopped on the TCA.fit site were shoppers who were interested in the sportswear brand.
  3. Consumers Will Stick With What They Know: Amazon shoppers would rather buy something slightly more expensive on Amazon than have to go off-site to get a slightly cheaper deal. Rather than inputting their bank details to a website they don’t know or trust and receive a mountain of sales emails, consumers prefer to stay on a trusted E-Commerce site that already has their payment details and is a well-known brand they have used before. Rather than send potential customers away to different sites, sell to them where they are.
  4. Trends Come and Go: Frankie’s business started when he noticed footballers wore snoods to keep warm in the cold weather and observed that it was difficult to get hold of them even in major retailers like Sports Direct. He found a supplier and marketed the snoods online to fit the target audience of football fans that liked that trend. With this first success, Frankie moved away from fashion fads in order to build TCA, a premium compression sportswear brand.
  5. Grow Bigger, Grow Quicker: Frankie admitted the biggest regret he had was his cautious nature when purchasing his first product: he was hesitant to go big in case he ended up with hundreds of snoods that he couldn’t sell anymore. There were good reasons at the time to be more cautious, but he knew he was on to something solid. Looking back, he feels he should have backed himself more. Making that initial order of stock larger would have allowed his business to grow even quicker.

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